We wanted to really clean the shed before getting too settled in and unpacked. I just wanted to knock off the cobwebs, you know? But my father suggested pressure washing it so we took him up on the offer of help. We washed all the surfaces we could reach with the water stream, walls, shelves, rafters, basketball hoop. Then we scrubbed down the walls with soap and wide brushes. And we rinsed it off. Jacob also whacked down all the old wasps nests. It smelled so great after we were done, we almost couldn’t bring ourselves to park the tractors inside. It was just another task to make our new house feel like home, like ours.


Since we already had the hoses hooked up we decided to pressure wash the decorative rock walls too. We started near the section of our foundation that had some dark staining. Some soap and pressure really helped clean up the wall and the rocks. Before we washed them, the rocks had a uniform dark appearance. As we passed over them with the water, it looked like we were painting colors onto the rocks. Orange, purple, tan. The rocks are varied and lovely.20150905_163213Here is a little before and after of our sidewalk from the driveway to the house.