Our yard needs a lot of work. My mom has been helping me beautify things around our property. Last week, we found some sweet little mums at Southern States and Anna helped pick them out and then plant them. We put the mums in our weed-filled flower bed on the front of our house. They are little but they brighten things up and make us ladies happy, like all flowers do.
Sunday night, my mom and I headed over with my dad to finish up washing the rock wall. It was a one man job though so my mom and I worked together to clear the weeds out of the flower beds that line the driveway. I didn’t even realize how bad the weeds were until my mom started snipping them. The wild raspberries were thorny and large. We had loppers and hedge clippers, and we needed both. The old plants in there were mostly choked out by the weeds but we did leave some day lilies and hosta plants that we did find.
Where’s the house?
We hauled away a trailer load of weeds and then my father came in with the mower just to clear it out a bit. We dropped some hay on top and plan to finish up with some landscaping fabric and mulch before we plant some more flowers in the spring. I love flowers but I’m not naturally drawn to planting them. I’m grateful for my mom’s encouragement and help in getting started.