Becca and I had a lot of fun exploring our woods today. We are still trying to get our suburbia minds around the size of our property, and so we didn’t wander too far in. We found lots of trash (thanks previous owners…), what looks like it might be a water storage tank buried next to the spring pump, and an eastern box turtle!

2015-09-07 15.08.30

The whole family got together to spread a round bale of hay. A new well was put in right before we closed, and the drilling company really tore up the yard in the process. We put down seed a few days ago and covered it with hay today to help the grass grow. Our daughter was a huge help and really got into it.

2015-09-07 18.53.35

We ended the evening by trimming some weeds and cutting some large branches off of the trees around the pasture. We probably should’ve used a larger trailer.

2015-09-07 19.55.49

It has been great having some family nearby to help get our home and yard put together!