After several months of waiting and praying, we’ve finally closed on our new property. It is 12.8 acres, with a large wooded area, a spring, a pond, and a brand new well that was dug last week.

We want to fence more of the yard and get a dairy cow. I’m excited to make cheese and Becca is excited to eat it. We are also planning on building a chicken coop and getting a few hens for eggs. Yay, fresh eggs!

The fenced area on the left is 45% bigger than our suburb property in San Antonio that we just left. We want to add some fruit and nut trees, a garden, and improve the fence so it is a safe place to let the kids run around.


The spring has some water quality issues but has a great flow rate. We are looking into possible solutions for this. We’d love to have it feed an outdoor drinking fountain and an outdoor shower.

We have a pile of stumps to remove. Our little girl is going to walk around and mark them for us so we can find them all. I’m thinking of renting a stump grinder, but that is a ton of work so still not sure what I’ll do.

My father-in-law had a great idea to create a storyboard of projects and tasks that need completed. He is a bit old school and created a literal, physical storyboard. I was a bit hesitant of the idea at first, but it ended up basically following the Scrum methodology so I’m on-board. Maybe I can get a projector and move it digital, so I don’t end up keeping the same lists in two places.

Anyways, I’ll be posting more as we work on the property and home!