We have a large shed, about 24′ x 40′ (960 square feet). It has big doors hanging from trolleys, maybe 15′ tall. Three of the doors are bolted closed, and sadly the fourth door was hanging from a single trolley so we couldn’t shut it.

We bought a new trolley set so we could fix it, but when we got up on the ladder it looked like the original trolley was still there and just needed a nut to re-attach it to the door. But how to re-attach it? We couldn’t get our hands behind the door to put the nut on. We couldn’t get the door off because there was a nail preventing the trolley from coming off (couldn’t get the nail out). Hmm…

Finally we had the smart idea to just force the door shut, with a couple of us inside and a couple of us outside. My father-in-law used a pry bar to lift the door to the right height. My wife held the ladder inside while I climbed up and attached the nut. Bam. Done. I can take back the $38.95 trolley set thanks to a $0.50 nut.

It works great now and looks so nice! The next step is to put a chain on the door so we can keep everything inside a bit safer. We’d also like to paint it. I was originally thinking a dark red, but Becca has nearly convinced me that we should keep it some shade of green.