2015-08-26 19.10.29

Our front lawn was bulldozed into its current shape about 30 years ago. Our pasture side was a mountain and much of it was pushed across the now driveway to make our lawn. As it has settled some random holes have appeared. While mowing today, we discovered a few of these and couldn’t believe how deep some of them were. This log was flush with the ground sitting in one of the holes.

2015-08-29 18.44.21

We removed the logs and filled the holes with the rocks that were exposed by the well installation. (I foresee a lot more rock picking in our future…) Then we grabbed some spare gravel and just made it flush with ground level. The next step will be placing dirt on top. Eventually grass will start growing again once we get the dirt settled but at least for now our tractor and children won’t fall in any holes.