One of my favorite parts about growing up where I did was the woods. I would go out there and play for hours and build forts. I’d wander in the woods and make up stories. Those memories are a big reason I wanted to buy some land, and also why I was first excited... read more

Fall Flowers

Our yard needs a lot of work. My mom has been helping me beautify things around our property. Last week, we found some sweet little mums at Southern States and Anna helped pick them out and then plant them. We put the mums in our weed-filled flower bed on the front of... read more

Squeaky Clean

We wanted to really clean the shed before getting too settled in and unpacked. I just wanted to knock off the cobwebs, you know? But my father suggested pressure washing it so we took him up on the offer of help. We washed all the surfaces we could reach with the... read more

Bathroom demolition, part 2

I’ve been working on tearing apart our master bath. Today my father-in-law helped me tear out the walls. They were awful. The bathroom was sheetrocked. At some point it was renovated but instead of removing the sheetrock, they just layered cement board on top.... read more

Bathroom demolition

The bathrooms in our new house are pretty gross. Water damage, odors, mixed materials from renovations over the years… We decided to just rip nearly everything out and start fresh. We took out the toilets, sinks, vanities, some of the flooring, and some of the... read more

Fixing the shed door

We have a large shed, about 24′ x 40′ (960 square feet). It has big doors hanging from trolleys, maybe 15′ tall. Three of the doors are bolted closed, and sadly the fourth door was hanging from a single trolley so we couldn’t shut it. We bought... read more

Filling in Holes

Our front lawn was bulldozed into its current shape about 30 years ago. Our pasture side was a mountain and much of it was pushed across the now driveway to make our lawn. As it has settled some random holes have appeared. While mowing today, we discovered a few of... read more

Bye-bye carpet

We spent most of the day ripping out the old carpet and scraping off as much of the pad as we could. It was, to be blunt, a disgusting job. We ended up hauling 1160 pounds of junk to the dump, and we still have more to haul. Yikes! At least we found some wood under... read more

We finally closed!

After several months of waiting and praying, we’ve finally closed on our new property. It is 12.8 acres, with a large wooded area, a spring, a pond, and a brand new well that was dug last week. We want to fence more of the yard and get a dairy cow. I’m... read more